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"More than the entertainment value of puppetry, the use of the art to heal the wounded and the broken gives it a new, most welcome, dimension. Wanlu is to be credited and congratulated for blazing the trail in using ventriloquism as a means for people to laugh away their troubles and eventually, cope with the human condition." -Nestor Cuartero (Panorama Magazine -Nov 23, 2014) >

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Wanlu and his Puppets


Welcome to my website, I'm Wanlu and I present a variety of Entertainment and Artistry such as Puppetry, Ventriloquism and Magic. I have been performing for parties and events since 1988 and my brand of Entertainment has been tagged as Unique and Distinct.

My signature act combines the artistry of puppetry and magic. Witness several kinds of puppets come to life, from marionettes to ventriloquist puppets and animatronics plus a whole lot more. The act also involves audience participation without any embarrassment to anyone. (Well, maybe just a little!)

My act has been featured on board Star Cruises- Superstar Libra and Superstar Virgo. I have represented the Philippines to several international puppetry festivals like the ASEAN Puppetry Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Japan Ventriloquists Convention in Tokyo, Japan, the International Marionettes Festival in Hanoi,Vietnam, the World Puppetry Carnival in Bangkok, Thailand... plus countless TV shows, corporate events, product launchings, mall shows and private parties nationwide.